​We offer tumbling classes for levels 1-5. Every level will include strength training.  skills in a specified level must be mastered to advance to subsequent levels.

Level 1

Focusing on handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and front/back walkovers

Level 2

Focuses on front and back handsprings, round-off back-handsprings, connecting front and back walkovers to other tumbling (i.e. front walkover, round-off, and multiple standing back-handsprings)

Level 3

Focuses on standing tucks, round-off multiple back-handsprings, front tucks, round-off handspring tucks

Level 4

Standing handspring to tuck, round-off handspring layout, front layouts.

Level 5

Standing fulls, round-off handspring half, round-off handspring full and doubles, and front fulls. This class is mainly for those who have mastered all previous skills and are ready to start twisting

Flexibility training

Available for ages 6 and up (even adults)! A 30 min class a week for those wanting to improve their flexibility. You and your athlete will learn proper stretching techniques and work on increasing flexibility. Helps improve tumbling, jumping, and stunting skills while also helping to prevent injuries. 

Private Lessons

Your athlete will work with a coach one-on-one for 30 min. We will focus 100% on your athlete’s needs and wants. 

Stunt Clinics

Mainly for cheerleading teams; we will work closely with your athlete and team, improving their routine. We will focus on jumps, tumbling skills, increasing skill level in stunts, and overall choreography.

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