Our approach

our history and philosophy

Our Owner and Head Coach, Jessica Jordan, has been deeply involved in the Cheer world for 25 years and coaching competitive cheer for over 12 years.  She is certified by the US All Star Federation to properly and safely coach cheer and tumbling levels 1 through 5.

At The Cheer Gem, we focus on teaching your athlete tumbling and cheer skills in a positive, encouraging, and unique way! We want every athlete to become more self-confident in and outside of the gym.  We know what it's like to get frustrated and stuck on a specific skill, but we also know how to overcome it!  We offer a personal and tiered approach to tumbling, giving your athlete the motivation and training to advance.  After your athlete masters the skills required in a class, they will move on to the next. A graduation ceremony will be held quarterly to recognize those that have mastered their skills, and give them a chance to show off for the world to see!  Athletes will always be encouraged to master every skill using correct technique for safety, and to create a good foundation to build upon in future levels.

Our facility

We have a 2,400+ square foot facility dedicated to making the most of, and improving, your athlete's abilities.

We offer:

  • A full-size spring floor
  • Numerous skill-specific tumbling mats
  • A 30 foot long TumblTrak™ and landing mat
  • A dedicated "Ready Room" for athletes
  • A parent viewing room
  • Medically trained staff for first aid

Our facilities and Coaches allow you and your athlete to make the most of your time spent at The Cheer Gem!

​We look forward to seeing you!